Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lace on Lacefairy Identification Blog

This blog will specialize on Lace Identification I hope you like it and share your vintage lace here for identification.

Dear Lacefairy,   HI, I just bought a vintage lace dress, if I sent you a pic of the lace do you think you might be able to tell me the kind it is, it is black just for starters, thanks LeeAnn 
next letter: with pictures:
Dear Lacefairy, Here it is, It is a lace trim with scalloped sewn together to form a fabric. the dress looks to be from the 50's but I think the lace is older?  any help is great!  thanks so much!  LeeAnn

ANSWER<  This appears to be made of silk but I can't be sure without actually holding it. 
The lace appears to be of the period you mentioned (20th century lace) Based on the thickness of the thread. Older lace is usally much finer. It is bobbin lace instead of needle lace. The scalloped areas have the look of a  an early 1900's variation of  "Armure" ground stitch. This ground is named after chain mail or armour.*

* source "Guide to Lace and Linens" by Elizabeth M. Kurella